Elite Health

Osteopathy, Massage Therapy, Active Release Technqiues (ART), and Biomechanics.

First class care, designed for athletes

Elite Health is multi-disciplinary clinic that practices Osteopathy, registered Massage Therapy, Active Release Techniques and Biomechanics for treating a wide variety of conditions. We treat all types of injuries and chronic pain, and our varied treatment techniques are proven to be beneficial in decreasing pain and discomfort for our clients, while reducing the risk of re-injury.


An osteopath finds and treats underlying causes of pain or discomfort and restores your body’s ability to heal itself through soft tissue manipulation.

Massage Therapy

Massage involves applied pressure to soft tissue of the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia through the use of touch, kneading, friction and compression.


Active Release Techniques (ART) are movement based massage techniques designed to treat soft tissue injuries, release nerve entrapments and improve circulation.


Biomechanical analysis identifies potential causes of sports-related injuries. Using video analysis we observe how an individual’s gait and movements are being altered during a sport, and locate any muscle weaknesses or imbalances.